Military Contacts NASA, Evacuates Town After UFO Falls from the Sky in Norfolk, VA

Military Contacts NASA, Evacuates Town After Unidentified Object Falls from the Sky in Norfolk, VA [Updated]


It came from the sky! A growing number of eyewitnesses claim to have watched in amazement as an unidentified flying object plummetted from the sky in Norfolk, Virginia this week. The unknown object was described as “something odd”, and many told local authorities it was even making a strange noise as it sailed to the earth.

Once military and local police arrived at the scene of impact, they wasted no time evacuating residential areas sealing off the location. Information about the crash site has been hard to come by, though many rumors have surfaced about a shadowy government presence in Norfolk this week.

This is allegedly an image of the object that closed an entire town.

This is allegedly an image of the strange object that evacuated an entire neighborhood.

Local authorities reported that the strange object was nothing more than a downed balloon, though many believe the quick and secretive actions of the military point to something a bit more extraordinary. In fact, a land robot was used to make initial contact with the object and military personnel were in regular contact with NASA, local news were told. Certainly a lot of fuss for “just a weather balloon”, no?


The object was eventually loaded onto unmarked government vehicles and whisked away to an undisclosed location. Hours later, residents of Norfolk were allowed back into their homes.

Battalion Chief Julian Williamson took to the local news this week warning residents about future contact with other strange objects from the sky.

“Do not investigate on your own. Just call the authorities,” he warned, but not before adding that,”…investigators (had) made contact with the package and determined it to be a weather balloon.”

So what do you think? Did the government make such a secretive fuss over a simple weather instrument? Or could the strange object have been something more out of this world? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, on twitter @WhoForted, or in the comments below!


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