Elusive Lake Champlain Monster Surfaces to Serenade Onlookers With Strange Sounds

He’s Still Here! Elusive Lake Champlain Monster Surfaces to Serenade Onlookers With Strange Sounds


With all this talk about Bigfoot lately, the Lake Champlain monster took the time out of his busy schedule to scare the crap out of an unsuspecting family and remind everyone why he really is the coolest monster.

Martin Jones and his family were enjoying a quiet day on Lake Champlain last week when out of nowhere a “big greenish thing” surfaced on the water in order to eyeball the group fishing on the nearby shore.

A 1977 shot of Champ

A 1977 shot of Champ

“I was like, is that an alligator? But right away I saw the round head and big black eyes, kind of an empty look, there was nothing that resembled a reptile of any kind” said eyewitness Peter Clark.


“I could make up some scales on the side of the head, but most of the skin I’d say looked like that of a catfish. Then, some sort of horn or spike or something, that was freaky, really. It was there for 20 seconds and then it left.”

Before leaving, Champ made sure to serenade Clark and the Jones family with a sound that all eyewitnesses agreed sounded like a whale before splashing off into the depths of the Champlain lake.

Unfortunately neither party were able to get photographs of the beast as they were most likely all standing around in awe with their mouths hanging open. Next time, guys.

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