Kickstarter Campaign Launches for Scary Sasquatch Scream Simulator

Call of the Monster: Kickstarter Campaign Launches for the SquatchIt, a Scary Bigfoot Scream Simulator

Hey, hikers, hunters and avid outdoorsmen! Expect to hear even more hair-raising screams emanating from your neighborhood forests, because the SquatchIt has hit Kickstarter in a big hairy way. What is the SquatchIt!? It’s a handheld tool used to simulate some of the most popular Bigfoot calls ever recorded. It’s brilliant.

a505edbbcf634837e31988fbe71c2150_largeBacked and created by Christopher Oliver and James Villepigue with Craig Woolheater, of Cryptomundo fame as a partner, the SquatchIt is an accordion-style Bigfoot caller that is so loud it’s sure to scare the crap out of many a camper for miles around, while possibly grabbing the attention of a nearby Bigfoot in the process.

If you’re interested in procuring a SquatchIt of your very own, pop by their Kickstarter page to watch the demo videos, and don’t forget to scope out the awesome product art while you’re there. The perks lists include a personalized thank-you, first edition SquatchIt, t-shirts, and hey, if you’re willing to cough up 10 grand you even get a personalized SquatchIt art design posted in an upcoming music video.

All in all it seems like good campy fun, and who knows, maybe the things really does work… we know a few Bigfoot hunters who might have to pick one up and give it a try.


The SquatchIt fundraising campaign kicked off July 21st and will run until the 21st of August, giving donators more than enough time to contribute and pick up a Sasquatch caller of their very own. This is a campaign we can definitely get behind.

Click Here to visit the Kickstarter for more info, and you can even snag one of the first editions for 25 bucks!

Will be picking one up? Let us know what you think of the SquatchIt by sharing your thoughts with us on Facebook, on twitter @WhoForted, or in the comments below!


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