Fort Report: Ghost Lessons, UK Closes X-Files, Vampire Moms, and Dastardly Demonic Dangers

Fort Report: Ghost Lessons, UK Closes X-Files, Vampire Moms, and Dastardly Demonic Dangers


In this edition of the Fort Report:

Ghost hunter teachers college classes, the UK deems the X-Files a waste of money, vampire moms, stories from demonic haunting survivors, Bigfoot teaches emotional lessons, Nick Redfern tells of a cryptozoologist who actually met a monster, and more!

Read on for the weirdest news from everywhere else!


‘Ghosts don’t punch timecards’ – Paranormal investigation with Neil McNeill

Neil, a paranormal investigator, parapsychology consultant and Continuing Ed instructor, answered burning questions and revealed a surprisingly empirical process for investigating otherworldly

Stonehenge UFO Investigation “Inappropriate” Use Of Defense Resources

In January 2009 a concerned citizen sent the ministry several photos which showed a speck in the sky over Stonehenge. The speck was referred to as a discoid shape. However the ministry didn’t think it was necessary to investigate.

A Monster-Hunter Sees a Monster

“Has any cryptozoologist ever seen one of the monsters they are looking for?” That was a question Nick Redfern was asked on a radio-show just last week, while promoting his new book, Monster Files. Well, the answer to that question is an undeniable: “Yes!”

Myths and stories of monsters remain vibrant through the years

It seems every body of water, every dark forest and every secluded area has its secrets, often with unknown creatures that become the stuff of legends. From Loch Ness to Lake Champaign to the Pacific Northwest it seems every region has its monsters and myths.

‘Vampire’ mum who drinks people’s blood: I feel stronger and healthier

A MUM of two has revealed she drinks people’s blood “vampire style” – sometimes guzzling nearly two litres a month.

Head to Roswell for a festival that ‘alienates’ everyone

Are UFOs real? In Roswell, N.M., it is a definite possibility. A possible UFO discovery in 1947 has become the heartbeat of the town and inspired the annual UFO Festival.

Family of firefighter who died in blaze terrorized by house ‘demon’

Jeanette Meyran, 53 — whose husband, Lt. Curtis Meyran, leaped to his death to avoid burning alive in the 2005 apartment fire — said she never imagined that her move would leave her tormented by what she called a house-dwelling demon that shook the walls and attacked her kids.

VIDEO: Witches descend on Brighton for plaque unveiling

“Brighton and Hove is the perfect place for witchcraft with its parks, seafront and green credentials. In fact witchcraft is the original Green Party, we were here first.”

Leading exorcist talks about realities about demons

Spain’s leading exorcist recently visited the Phoenix diocese. Father Jose Antonio Fortea spoke CBS5 with exclusively about the realities of exorcisms.

‘There’s definitely something here’

The Tas Ghost Hunting Society is investigates the Franklin House, at Youngtown, for paranormal activity and gets touchy feeling with grabby ghosts.

Tracking the New York State Bigfoot

A man goes looking for Sasquatch in the Adirondacks, and learns a lesson or two in his travels.

Myanmar mystics give supernatural help to elite

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