Mystery Boom Shakes Residents of Sharon, Pennsylvania

Mystery Boom Shakes Residents of Sharon, Pennsylvania


Another mysterious boom rang out loud and clear late last month in Sharon, Pennsylvania

The suburb is not the first area reporting unexpected sonic explosions as of late, of course, as the strange sounds have been reported all across the country in rising numbers for at least the last year.

According to the Sharon Herald, On the 24th a local Hubbard-West Middlesex road resident reported hearing a loud boom at roughly 7:30pm so loud it shook the neighborhood. The sound was so loud it prompted the witness to call and report the instance to Mercer County 911:


“…a loud sonic boom shook the house; it was not like a transformer blew. All of the neighbors came outside to see what happened, so many people felt it.”

Police were dispatched to the area but were not able to find the cause of the strange boom.

This was not the only location to have reported hearing a bizarre boom in the span of 24 hours. According to Earth Files, a resident of St. Johns, Indiana (375 miles away from Sharon, PA) reported hearing a boom so loud it shook his entire house, startling both he and his dog.

Only a few days before the explosions on the 24thand the 25th a similar boom was reported to have shaken an area from Mercer to Grove City.

Officials have not been able to give an explanation for the strange sonic booms, blaming the sounds on weekend holiday festivities. This theory has not convinced those experiencing the strange booms as reports continue to roll in from all across the country.

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