Flying Saucer Photographed in 2009 Finally Surfaces on the Web

Flying Saucer Photographed in 2009 Finally Surfaces on the Web


A Canadian man with his camera pointed to the sky ended up snagging a photo of strange circular object, but it took him until early this morning to finally upload the image to the web.

Reddit user “mcphisto” posted the strange photo at around 2AM, saying that he had forgotten all about it until he went to edit the panoramic snapshots he had taken of the evening sky.



“Myself and a few neighbours were in the street admiring the strange orangey clouds,” he wrote. “To the east the sky was blue but to the northwest it was orange and black clouds. I was taking a panoramic picture of the sky when I thought ‘why would a small plane fly in that storm?'”

Mcphisto says that he snapped the image about four years ago in Vancouver, British Columbia, and at the time had files a report with a UFO investigation group in the area who were greatly intrigued by the photo.

“I reported it to the BC UFO people and they were very interested, as I [saw] it with the naked eye as I held my camera at arms length [while] taking the shots. Shame I wasn’t using my DSLR at the time.”

Did Mcphisto capture a genuine flying saucer with his camera? Let me know what you think! Share your thoughts with me on Facebook, tweet me @WeirdHQ, or leave a comment below!


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