Double Whammy: Electronics Scrambling UFO Photographed Over Haunted Barn

Double Whammy: Electronics Scrambling UFO Photographed Over Haunted Barn


Did a local Santee woman photograph a flying saucer hovering above a haunted barn in California? Were they there to abduct cows or ghosts?

Ellen Henry claims her camera stopped working after snapping this strange picture last week while visiting the Santee’s Edgmoore Barn. She was so spooked by her encounter that she refused to show her face on camera during an on air local news interview.

The historical barn, which is currently serving as a museum, sits under a high traffic flight path, though when questioned by the local media the Gillespie Field and MCAS Miramar had no explanation for the strange silver disk photographed hanging in the sky.


More interesting is that the barn already has a long history when it comes to unexplained sightings. President of the Santee Historical Society, Elaine Murphy believes the building to be haunted.

“We think someone’s come into the barn and we get up to look, and no one is there.”

While some skeptics are quick to yell “hoax”, and others to declare the strange craft a government drone, one man isn’t convinced after taking a closer look at the photos. Ron Nussbeck writes:

A close up image was produced from the photo and shows a very interesting view of the UFO up close. Using a microscopic imaging enlargement program the UFO showed  that it is clearly not a drone, military jet or anything that can fly conventionally. The craft has no propeller, no jet engine to move the craft. How is this possible?

The craft also under close inspection has markings of script of unknown origins and a image of a creature which is not human on its exterior hull. It would seem that this is a real UFO which would mean an alien was operating it.

Now, the museum employees won’t simply be looking over their shoulders, they’ll be looking to the sky to boot.

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