Mysterious New Devices Installed at Border of Infamous Area 51 Base

Mysterious New Devices Installed at Border of Infamous Area 51 Base


Has one of ufology’s favorite top secret bases gotten a mysterious new upgrade to its security?

Area 51, or Groom Lake as it’s been called, has long been a source of mystery, and its rumors of hidden technology, underground bases, and alien bodies have made it a bottomless well of pop culture conjecture. Even today, the United States military doesn’t like to acknowledge the base, staying as secretive as possible and employing a private contractor to aggressively usher curious conspiracy theorists from the perimeter.

But while nosy UFO buffs might be easy to turn away in real life, sit them down at a computer monitor and they’ll be a little.. well, a LOT, harder to hush. Thanks to the eagle-eyed observations of two internet sleuths and their subsequent travels to the base border, we know that Dreamland has been getting some mysterious new features.


A newly updated piece of satellite imagery showing Area 51's new devicesA user with the screen name FosterVS shared an interesting new satellite image with the Above Top Secret message boards yesterday, images that showed evidence of new structures in the forbidden desert land.

“I saw signs of trenching/cabling from the Area 51 guardshack along a trail to one of the Bald Mountain Gates, in the newer Bing Maps imagery,” he wrote.

“The spot is 37°29’30.74″N, 115°40’24.69″W. If you follow this trail back towards the guard shack, you will see a number of similar cement pads.”

His curiosity was piqued so much that he decided to take a trip to the outer limits of Area 51 himself, where his suspicions of new equipment were confirmed. While he was there, he managed to snap the following images of the strange constructions that look almost as if they could be solar panels, if only they were pointed to the sky rather than at the horizon. Interesting to note are what look like attached fire extinguishers.

Strange new structures at Area 51   Strange new structures erected at the border of the Area 51 base
Foster explained that he had intended on taking more than just three images of the new structures, but was promptly chased away by security in camouflaged military fatigues.

I should have taken more/better pictures, but what you can’t see between the first and second pictures was the camo dude truck parked to the left of the new “device”, that started coming after me when I started taking pictures!

I cannot deduce what this thing is. Looks like a cement pad, with two uprights imbedded in it, 2 -3 crossbeams, and also two pipes coming up support a rectangular something. The fire extinguisher has me baffled.

The contraptions are definitely a new addition to the land, as the only other visible structures until now were guard shacks and remote control cameras. So, what could the devices be? What is their use?

Theories have ranged anywhere from a kind of a radar, to a crowd dispersal device, to an emergency exit for one of the base’s rumored underground tunnels, but the most plausible answer seems to be a regular old electrical panel. But don’t worry, fellow mystery mongers, because chances are, it’s powering something very irregular.

Judging from the two pieces of conduit that head into the ground, its a good guess that whatever underground device it’s feeding is really big, big enough to require very thick cable, meaning lots of power. What could use that much power? Well, a huge network of magnetometers, for one, which would explain how the “camo dudes” are always so eerily swift to bear down on intruders.

Qual-Tron's Mini Magnetic Sensor

Qual-Tron’s Magnetic Sensor

Qual-Tron Incorporated is a government approved provider of magnetometers, or Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS for short) and explains that the tech provides “instantaneous alarms of detected foot and vehicle activity” with ranges of operation from “hundreds of meters to several miles”. The hitch? If the devices get too far from the base they require a relay, something that might account for Groom Lake’s new erections.

It’s not a stretch to believe that a huge grid of what are essentially “pressure plates” would require some extra juice, so don’t be surprised if your next visit to peep on some alien technology is cut dramatically short… they can probably hear you coming.

What do you make of the mysterious new structures popping up along the border of Area 51? High tech tourist deterrents or a heat ray emitters? Entrances to underground tunnels or just a convenient place for the Men in Black to charge their cell phones? Let us know what you think! Swing by our Facebook page, tweet us @WhoForted, or leave a comment below!


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