Inside Source Claims "Shooting Bigfoot" Documentary Climax is Just a Big Hoax

Inside Source Claims “Shooting Bigfoot” Documentary Climax is Just a Big Hoax


Since the Sasquatch hunting documentary Shooting Bigfoot premiered at Toronto’s “Hot Docs” festival this week, the cryptozoological community has been buzzing with widespread allegations that the film wasn’t so much a documentary as it was science fiction, but all they had to base their opinions on were a few broken promises, previous hoaxes, and inconclusive footage.. until now.

Thanks to the investigative prowess of J.R. Bob Dobbs Jr, a man involved in the filming of the movie has come forward claiming that infamous Bigfoot hunter (and hoaxer) Rick Dyer and director Morgan Matthews coordinated an elaborate hoax for the film’s climactic scene, a tense moment during which Dyer has long claimed to have actually shot and killed a Sasquatch.

Dobbs met up with Jeff, a squatter who appears prominently in the film as a “weird homeless guy”, but as it turns out.. was actually part of the crew tasked with being a “lookout” during the pivotal “Bigfoot killing” scene.


“They had me right on that hill back there watching for people… they radioed in letting me know before they did anything, so I knew what was going on,”  he tells Dobbs, adding that he had to walk in and out of the camp all night, and there wasn’t a Squatch in sight.


Dobbs’ offscreen partner tells Jeff that internet commentators were picking apart the film’s final scene, saying, “at the end you see some sort of scuffle and Rick with his gun, and then Morgan Matthews, the director, gets knocked over by something.. can’t really tell what’s going on, and then at the end he’s in a hospital. Doesn’t really explain what happened to him.”

“Did you see him beat up or anything like that?” she asked.

“He actually walked out of here just fine, got in the truck, put everything away – he was carrying at least 80 pounds of gear, at least… I can tell you right now, all the shooting and stuff like that is staged.”

Jeff went on to mention that the money shot was actually filmed multiple times and that Dyer’s gun wasn’t even firing live ammunition, a fact that would certainly make it hard to kill a Bigfoot, unless they’re just sensitive to loud noises.

the alleged bigfoot in "shooting bigfoot"

I’ll admit, when I first heard of the claims in Shooting Bigfoot, I thought it odd that a man who was so prominently involved in one of the Biggest Bigfoot hoaxes ever would be making such huge claims a second time around, but I’m a pretty middle of the road guy and was willing to wait it out and see. After all, I had spent some time shooting Planet Weird with two of the film’s other principals, the loveable Bigfoot hunters Dallas and Wayne.

While my experiences with the dynamic squatching duo were absolutely incredible, the two were entirely adamant about their no-kill stance on Bigfoot (Dallas claims the big guy saved his life once via a well-timed heimlich maneuver), though it would seem that now, a scant six months later, they’ve completely changed their tune, hailing Dyer as a hero for unloading on the beast.

Something is most definitely up, and I highly doubt it’s the Sasquatch mortality rate.

You can watch the entire interview with Jeff below, and be sure to let me know what you think about the controversy surrounding Shooting Bigfoot. Did Dyer hunt down a wild man of the woods, or is this simply the second time he’s attempted to fool the world with the same trick? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page, tweet us @WeirdHQ, or leave a comment below!


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