Group of Teens Uncover Math Teacher's Connection to "Sex Cult" Murder

Group of Teens Uncover Math Teacher’s Connection to “Sex Cult” Murder


If there was ever a convincing argument to google someone before you hire them, this story might just be it.

Tyler Deaton was hired as a math teacher at Lancaster High in February after passing state and federal background checks, but was placed on leave after a group of his students used the internet to uncover his bizarre background, a history that included murderous allegations involving a religious sex cult.

What the group of teens discovered were allegations from Kansas City news sources recounting how Deaton’s wife was murdered by a religious cult to cover up a history of sexual abuse. As if those claims weren’t bizarre enough, the stories even pointed to their math teacher as the supposed leader of the sex cult.


In October, Deaton’s wife was found in the back of a van with a plastic bag over her head, a scene that led investigators to initially believe she had committed suicide. They changed their minds a week later when Micah Moore, a member of Deaton’s religious group, confessed to the murder claiming that Deaton had ordered her death. Moore told police that Deaton’s wife Bethany was killed for fear that she would expose the group’s sex rituals. Moore eventually recanted his confession, his lawyer calling the admission a “fiction born from a fragile mental state.”

“[My daughter] was hoping it was a joke,” one student’s mother, Krissy Johnson told The Kansas City Star. “I was angry to see how he was able to get close to our kids with this currently going on in his life. It makes me wonder if Google needs to be part of the basic background check so the school can pick up on any information the background check missed.”

Deaton has not been charged, but remains on administrative leave as the case is ongoing.

The weirdest thing my high school math teacher ever did was fiddle with his colostomy bag in class. Not so bad when I put it in perspective.

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