Hobbits of Indenesia: Rangers Say Dreadlocked Pygmies, Named Orang Pendek, Stalking National Park

Hobbits of Indenesia: Rangers Say Dreadlocked Pygmies, Named Orang Pendek, Stalking National Park


Rangers at the Way Kambas National Park in Lampung, Indonesia claim to have spent much of the past month chasing what they describe to be 20-inch tall, dreadlocked pygmies.

The initial sighting reportedly happened March 20th around 6:40 pm explained Park spokesperson Sukatmoko, when rangers spotted the small beings running quickly through the forested underbrush. Park rangers believe they might be utilizing the forests Nusantara Tropical Fruit plantation to scavenge for food. When Park employees attempted to make contact with the nude pygmies they ran away very quickly, and “hid behind trees and vanished.”

The next step at the Kamas National Park is to attempt to capture the pygmies on film.


“We believe they really exist in and we’re making strenuous efforts to find them. In the event that we do, we hope the government protects them,” Sakatmoko explained to at small press conference to local reporters and academics.

“In Kerinci Seblat, they are known as the orang pendek [short people], in Flores as homo floresiensis, and in Bone as members of the Oni tribe. In Mount Kerinci, the creature is depicted as having inverted legs but is very agile among the dense foliage,” Environment chapter director Mukri Friatna further explained to reporters.

Interestingly enough this recent discovery could possibly lend further credence to the theory that Indonesia was once home to a very small race of prehistoric human beings, affectionately deemed the “Hobbit People.”

In 2003 the bones of a female skull a third the size of a normal human skull was found on the island of Flores in Indonesia. The bones which were dated to be 18,000 years old were not the only remains found, but were only one of nine very small human bodies eventually excavated.

The Jakarta Post reports that after carefully studying the bones scientists discovered that the writs of the “hobbit” bodies were notably different than our own human wrists, leading them to believe that the hobbits might possibly be a separate species from Homo Sapiens.

Regardless of whether these are the ancestors of living hobbits people roaming the forests of Indonesia, hopefully the park rangers will be able to capture them on film and answer some of the very interesting questions that their presence has provoked.

Or maybe we should just not interfere with their journey to Mt Doom, fate of the world at stake and all.

Do the dreadlocked pygmies live in the forests of Indonesia or is it just a tourism ploy? What could have the little guys all stirred up? Let us know what you think by dropping us a line on our official Facebook page, tweeting us @WeirdHQ, or leaving a comment below!


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