Witness Report: Worried Reader Sends in Image of a "Black Eyed Kid"

Witness Report: Worried Reader Sends in Image of a “Black Eyed Kid”


The Black Eyed Kids phenomena is getting really, well, weird. Our original piece about the BEKs is consistently one of the most read posts on the website, with hundreds of readers offering up their own stories of encounters with sinister, dark eyed children attempting to enter their homes.

Alas, as is the case with most anomalous stories, there never seem to be pictures of these beings to accompany their tales of house hunting, which simply leaves us with eerie anecdotal evidence to ponder after dark.

As the stories of these terrifying run-ins continue to grow, it seemed only a matter of time before someone claimed to have visual proof of these sinister people. As it turns out, one of our readers thinks so, and she sent it our way:


bek2Greg, I have some strange cyber friends some which have been secretly researching Vampires and a few of them have sent me photos of these very dark eyed people who are total strangers begging to meet with them. One of my friends is a Native American living up North and he had this woman emailing him begging him to meet with her and give her his address. I told him about the BEKS and he was a bit creeped out and then emailed me a few photos of this woman along with her story. When I send them I would very much appreciate your opinion about her.

First off, even with the identity-obscuring details, it’s fairly easy to see that the black eyed person in the image is most definitely not a child. If you were to ask me, she’s somewhere in her mid-40s. What is hard to make out, on the other hand, is that she’s stark naked.

The reader makes mention of chat logs where the woman is pushing her friend for his address, “begging” to meet with him, as well as sending him several other photos with her eyes photoshopped out of the images. Her friend mentions feeling like this strange woman is out to “steal his soul”. You click the photo for a closer look.

While we should take the story and it’s accompanying image with a grain of salt (after all, the internet has made it fantastically easy to meet strange people), there is one thing for certain: I would definitely not let this person in my house either way.

What do you make of the image? Is this a photo of a soul-sucking BEK or just a really bad OK Cupid match? Let us know what you make of the image over on our Facebook page, by tweeting us @WeirdHQ, or leaving a comment below!


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