Odd, Flickering Lumination Filmed Hanging Over Karoona, Australia

Odd, Flickering Lumination Filmed Hanging Over Karoona, Australia


Karoonda resident, Don Anderson says after a week of watching a strange unidentifiable light in the Australian night sky he armed himself with a camera and managed to capture it on film.

On April 9th around 10:30 pm, after a short night session of filming the distant lights Anderson and his wife were astonished to when the lights did not disappear as they usually did, but instead began moving closer to their Southern Australian home. Instead of panicking as most anyone might do, he and his wife began snapping photos.

“From what I know of my camera I would assume the object I captured was 30-foot wide and I would estimate about 10 kilometers away,” he explained to The Newcastle Herald.


The video in question is a minute and a half long clip of a very bright light that seems to hang in the night sky, and moving back and forth slowly.  The Anderson video was not the only strange piece of evidence filmed, as there were other witnesses in nearby townships all describing the same experience.

The local Karoonda airport reports an uncontrolled airspace which was not monitored by air traffic control the night that Don Anderson and his wife filmed the video. They went on record to report no activity in their area.

“I do believe in UFOs,” Anderson said “but I don’t think there is little green men in there necessarily… I wouldn’t be fully convinced it was something from another planet unless one got out and walked around.”

Here’s hoping the “UFO’s” return for a closer inspection of Karoonda, and here’s hoping  its residence are ready with their cameras aimed.

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