Man Sacrifices "Immortal" Girlfriend After Fighting Her "Like a Dragon"

Man Sacrifices “Immortal” Girlfriend After Fighting Her “Like a Dragon”


A Fort Lauderdale man is being held without bail after ritually “sacrificing” his girlfriend, a woman he claimed had control of his soul and “wouldn’t die”. Even stranger than why he killed her was the murder weapon: his xbox 360.

Police learned of the grisly crime when they apprehended 22 year old¬†Darrius Johnson on suspicion of burglary. During questioning, Johnson mentioned that his girlfriend, 20 year old Monica Gooden, was “in heaven”, saying “I think I killed her.”

When authorities searched his apartment they found blood trails leading to the rear bedroom, where Gooden’s body lay with multiple stab wounds next to a broken and bloodied Xbox 360 console.


Johnson told police that he murdered her because he needed to sacrifice someone with the Taurus astrological sign for the good of his family. He had originally considered his ill grandfather as a candidate for sacrifice, but decided on Gooden because she was “in control of his spirit”. In the police report, Johnson claimed that his girlfriend “wouldn’t die”, and he had to fight her “like a dragon”.

Police later stated that Gooden was not a Taurus.

Johnson also told investigators that he was regularly being mocked by a pink elephant that sat on a nearby porch, and he needed to kill it.

The news comes as a shock to neighbors who described Darrius as a friendly guy who had just started reading the Bible.

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