Texas Pilot Has a Run In With "Super Fast" UFO, Snaps Strange Photo

Texas Pilot Has a Run In With “Super Fast” UFO, Snaps Strange Photo


On March 17th, a photograph was snapped from the cockpit of a Cessna aircraft that appears to show a UFO zipping over the runway.

The image was captured by the co-pilot of 41 year old Eddie Miles. The San Antone native and his friend were preparing for their final decent into Port Aransas airport when they decided to snap a couple of photos.

The strange shaped object was not spotted initially, but discovered later that day as Miles looked through the photographs at a nearby restaurant. Out of the multiple photos snapped during the decent, only a handful of them showed the strange shape hovering in the sky.


Some are criticizing the image saying it’s nothing more than a camera malfunction, but Eddie Miles thinks there might be another explanation about the bizarre image.

“Somebody told me it might have been moving at a speed only the camera shutter could catch,” he explained to Ken 5 News.

According to air traffic controllers, there was no sign of a disturbance in the air field and so far, there has been no news of other possible witnesses to the March 17th sighting.

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