Can You Identify This Mystery Monster Discovered in Mississippi?

Can You Identify This Mystery Monster Discovered in Mississippi?


There’s a hideous creature stirring up questions in Mississippi, but don’t fear, Southerners.. it’s dead.

In a photo posted to twitter by Jonah King, we see a fuzzy mystery monster lying on it’s side, baring a set of pearly white fangs protruding from its leathery snout. Jonah tweeted the image to Finding Bigfoot‘s Matt Moneymaker, hoping for some insight. The BFRO head honcho hasn’t responded, so we thought we might try and lend a hand.

King claims that the beast was discovered in a rural part of southwest Mississippi, and by the time he snapped the picture it was already being pecked by buzzards, which doesn’t bode well for identification.


The animal is shown half in a garbage bag, which probably indicates that it was dumped. Could it simply be the remains of a housepet? Or perhaps the Chupacabra is the latest victim of litter, having suffocated on a trash bag? The commenters over at Bigfoot Evidence have a few theories of their own, from a hair covered alligator, to a baboon, and even a dead bear.

The question is, what do you think the creature is? Can you identify it? Let us know what you think in the comments section below, on twitter @WeirdHQ, or leave a message on our Facebook page.


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