Saved by the Hell: Demonic Possession Closes School

Saved by the Hell: Demonic Possession Closes School

A.C. Slayer

A corporate area high-school in Jamaica was forced to cancel classes this week after a demon possessed a female student and threatened to inhabit the bodies of others.  The demon in question reportedly “made himself known” and warned that if anyone was to pray for the girl he would “…leave the girl’s body and enter theirs instead”.

The school’s administrators eventually invited a church fronted “prayer team” task force specializing in demonic possession. The team was also joined by a group of Baptist pastors to assist in the exorcism of the school.

Things reportedly went south, way south, during the prayer ceremony when the decapitated head of a bird mysteriously fell into a group of students.


“The pastors said dem feel the evil spirit all over the school so they called the school population to an assembly,” a source told The Star.” In the middle of assembly, suddenly out of the ceiling, a bird’s head, cut off from the bird, drop down inna the middle of the assembly. It was chaos after that.”

The school’s VP has been relatively quiet about the prayer ceremony, telling reporters  that events were not as exciting as others have been claiming. No news about the girl originally thought to be possessed by the demon in question, or if the demon has yet to jump-ship into another student.

And here I thought I was only one who thought high school was hell.


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