Who You Gonna Call? No One, Thanks to the iPhone Ghost of New Talbot Pub

Who You Gonna Call? No One, Thanks to the iPhone Ghost of New Talbot Pub

Pub ghost tosses phonesNew Talbot Pub manager Ajay Cohan thought he had misplaced his phone in the wee hours of the morning as he cleaned. Cohan check the CCTV cameras later, astonished to see his phone disappear from a chair sometime around 2:30 in the morning.

Locals are saying it’s the work of former landlord Gary Stephens, who died of a heart attack in 1993. Regulars have reported the chair in question also happened to be the late Stephens’ favorite.

The video of the phone in question is a 13 second clip of a black blob scooting across a bench and disappearing under the table with a thud.

Cohan and his family who live on the property, are frightened by the recent CCTV video.


“It was crazy when I watched back the footage, no one was near it and then it just flies off the seat and across the pub,” Cohan told The Sun. “There is no explanation. The vibration function on my phone is broken; there is no draft inside the pub.”

This is not the first reported paranormal instances to have occurred at the site. Both clientele and employees have reported being poked and touched while working or enjoying a drink.

Activity has been building in the last few weeks the family reports, noting recent video footage of small light orbs floating around the pub late at night.

Whether the New Talbot pub is haunted is unknown; I’m inclined to believe it’s just the ghost of Old Gary Stephens letting everyone know it’s time to dust! What do you think? Tweet us @WhoForted, chat with us at our Official Facebook page, or jump into the comments section below!


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