UFO Hunters Blame "Extraterrestrials" for Car Accident, Claim They Will "Disappear"

UFO Hunters Blame “Extraterrestrials” for Car Accident, Claim They Will “Disappear”

ufocarcrash2Two very freaked out men in Australia made a frantic phone call to police after wrecking their car in the wee hours of Friday morning. They told authorities that the cause of their accident was an unidentified flying object.

Police received the first phone call from the frightened duo at 2:25 AM on the morning of the 19th, a phone call in which the men demanded not only police assistance but the help of the Royal Australian Air Force.

After being able to calm the men down, authorities were able to determine that the two had driven off of an embankment while “chasing a UFO”. After their cell phone call was dropped, they lost contact with the “increasingly scared and agitated” UFO hunters for around 30 minutes.

Eventually, the station received a call from the insurance company representing the driver of the crashed car, who told police that they too had been contacted by the duo, who had “freaked out” about all the strange things happening to them, claiming they were in a kind of “Bermuda Triangle” and were terrified that they would disappear at any moment.


Police received one final call from the two at around 4AM, during which they blamed the accident on “some bright lights” claiming that something “paranormal” had happened.

By the time that help had finally reached the men, they had abandoned their car and were found huddled at a rural intersection, clutching knives in order to fend off the apparently extraterrestrial attackers, yelling about how “there were more of them around”.

According to the Queensland Times, only one of the men tested over the legal limit for blood alcohol level, and the other is due in court for attacking a police officer.

This isn’t the first time that a vehicular accident has been blamed on alien interference. In April 2010, MUFON received a report from two New Hampshire teens who claimed that their parked vehicle was picked up by a “black craft” and dumped 180 feet away. Just last year, AOL Travel wondered if a UFO was to blame for an aircraft accident that killed 127 passengers.

What do you think happened to the UFO chasing duo? Did they truly have an encounter with something out of this world, or is the weed just really great in rural Oz? Tweet us @whoforted, swing by our new Facebook page, or share your thoughts in the comments section below. Maybe we’ll get the chance to follow up this story with an interview? Stay tuned.

Sidenote: Curiously, almost exactly when this article went live, our good pal John E.L. Tenney posted a brand new episode of his fantastic Realm of the Weird podcast, which ties right into this story of extraterrestrial meddling. If you’re in the mood for another creepy, true story within the same vein, I’d highly recommend listening to “A Bridge Beyond.”


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