Did a News Crew Capture a UFO While Covering the Australian Brushfire?

Did a News Crew Capture a UFO While Covering the Australian Brushfire?

Screenshot of the UFO captures above Australia's widfires

Screenshot of the “UFO” captured above Australia’s widfires

As the Australian brush fires raged in the first part of this month, firefighters may have gotten a little extra hand from out of town. Way out of town.

As one eagle-eyed news hound watched a clip of the wildfires filmed by the International Business Times, his gaze caught an odd, disc shaped object moving through the haze of smoke hanging in the air. After contacting YouTube user HawkkeyDavisChannel about the find, he isolated the clip in question, enhanced it, and came to the conclusion the the object had to be a UFO.

“This is from a news feed on the wildfires in Australia on January 7th, 2013. A viewer watching my videos brought this to my attention and I feel it should be looked at. They seem to always be around extreme weather events. As always you be the judge and please leave your thoughts,” he wrote in the video description.

The oval craft can be seen moving from left to right through the haze of smoke, eventually disappearing behind the tree line.  If you look closely, it almost looks like it’s leaving a trail behind it as it hovers though the sky.


So far, opinions on the footage are mixed. One user believes that we’ve finally found the flaw in the cloaking mechanism used by extraterrestrial craft.

“It seems that we have found the hole in their cloaking device. Any chemical or smoke it seems can allow us to see them more clearly during the day. The same thing happened in London the night of the Olympic opening fireworks.” –James Davis jr

While the majority of viewers swear up and down that the craft couldn’t possibly be man-made, including the video poster himself, it’s hard to not wonder if the craft’s trail could very well be the tail of a helicopter brought in for the purpose of firefighting, or even news coverage.

UFO or Helicopter?

So what do you think? Did a news crew unwitting capture the fly by of an extraterrestrial craft, or was it something more mundane? Watch the video below and decide for yourself.


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