Man Commits Suicide After Prompting from Wife's Ghost

Man Commits Suicide After Prompting from Wife’s Ghost

A man in the former capitol of the Philippines is dead today, but some officials are having trouble saying that it was by his own hand. After all, his dead wife talked him into it.

Nonito Locaya, a 65 year old widower from Novaliches, Quezon City, was found on Saturday morning hung from a telephone cord wrapped around a wooden beam in his room. His sister, who had left him only momentarily to make a cup of coffee, described to officers on the scene that her brother had experienced what she called a “hallucination” just prior to killing himself:

“He told his sister that his wife was at their house with them and inviting him to go with her,” the investigator told the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Locava’s wife had been dead for a year.

His sister ignored his vision and left him to make a cup of coffee when Locava said,“look, it’s my wife. She wants me to go with her so I’m going.”


Those were his last words.

Though his sister struggled to resuscitate him after cutting him down, Locaya was pronounced dead on arrival at Bernardino General Hospital.


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