Conspiracy Watch: Aurora Shooter Holmes a Loner, not Patsy

Conspiracy Watch: Aurora Shooter Holmes a Loner, not Patsy

IN the wake of any terror related attack seems to come a litany of quasi related conspiracies that emerge in some vain quest to explain the horror the world has just witnessed. The tragedy that took place in Aurora, Colorado, last month hasn’t avoided the all seeing eye of the conspiracy world either. Tinfoil hats securely in place, the keyboard warriors of the conspiracy forums began to stockpile quantities of ‘evidence’ to show that what we witnessed in Colorado wasn’t simply the actions of a psychopathic loner, but a carefully planned, Government backed attack. Of course, most of this ‘evidence’ isn’t based remotely in the confines of reality and makes the usual leaps in research in attempt to convince us that Big Brother is, once again, plotting world demise.

Lets take a quick look at what the conspiracy world is saying…

First off, pictures and even a video of accused killer, James Holmes, started circulating around the net, all claiming the James used to be a nice, normal, if not a little geeky, guy. A video emerged too of Holmes talking at a science camp a few years ago, despite seeming a little nervous, he appeared to show all the traits of a young, normal, America teen. What does this mean to the conspiracy world? James Holmes was either under mind control, or a ‘patsy’, another name for a person placed as a killer, memory wiped, to take the blame for some nefarious government plot, a la the JFK conspiracy theories. So was Holmes the fall guy in some governmental blood ritual? Or another victim of MK Ultra?? No. More than likely not. Despite this clear ‘evidence’ that Holmes was a nice, normal, youth, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that, in the last year at least, things had changed with this young man. Fellow students at Holmes’ University where he was researching a PhD in Neuroscience had begun to report that he had become a loner, was generally unfriendly and un-liked, slowly alienating himself from his peers until he eventually dropped out altogether. And even more evidence has come to light since that the young man had sent evidence to his psychiatrist outlining how he had planned to commit mass murder, drawings and all. So the idea that there is just no way James Holmes could commit such atrocities without being the victim of some government led plot just doesn’t really hold any water. Sorry, guys.


Next up, Holmes was given training in how to use the weapons he possessed, as even an experienced marksman couldn’t have killed with the accuracy he did. Wrong, wrong and just wrong again. Anyone could walk into a completely sold out cinema and, at very close range, take out a lot of people, especially while employing the use of tear gas and using semi-automatic weapons. Not to make too light of the issue, but I have friends who, through playing first person shooters for years have become excellent marksmen with real weapons. This theory seems to arise from a fairly anonymous, alleged ex-marine who claims that there is no way Holmes could have executed this attack without the proper training. With all due respect, I have to doubt his marine-like analysis.

The next point really ties into the first one, and this is the fact that Holmes was waiting calmly in the parking lot near his car, seemingly ready to turn himself in. He put up no struggle and laid down his arms. This is because he was brainwashed, a real psycho-killer would turn the gun on himself or go down in a blaze of glory, naturally. Or maybe he was just in a state of shock after he realised the horrors he’d just committed. Clearly the boy is not well, anyone who has seen the footage of him in court will know that, as he stares blankly into the middle distance, eyes sometimes widening, perhaps reliving the horror of his actions.

But how did he get all those guns? Surely a drop out student couldn’t afford to acquire all that fire power without some help? Not necessarily. Gun laws in Colorado are more lax than most places in the states, having no prior convictions meant that Holmes was able to purchase guns at his will seeing as he wasn’t flagged by the security system in place. But, irregardless of the gun laws in a particular state, Holmes bought his weapons of terror on the Internet. If you’re not Au fait with the internet’s black market then let me spell it out for you; YOU CAN BUY ANYTHING ON THE INTERNET. Literally anything, a slightly soiled WW2 grenade, a Japanese schoolgirls used underwear, an unborn foetus from Beijing, whatever. The Internet is a dark, dark place at times. You could also just go to a pawn shop in a dodgy part of town and see what they have on offer. Somehow I think Butch won’t be too concerned about your past if you’re paying in cash. I don’t even live in the US and I could stroll to my local Army surplus store, stock up with most of what I need and then go buy some guns. Probably wouldn’t cost that much either.

The FBI were in on it too, of course. How these stories of the feds being involved constantly do the rounds is completely beyond me. If the FBI were a part of this whole thing, which they clearly weren’t, you certainly wouldn’t know about it. Conspirators are claiming, however, that a warning appeared on the FBI website before the shootings, claiming there would be a terrorist threat in a movie theatre. This ‘warning’ was quickly removed from the FBI website, conveniently, but an unknown source pulled the file down and it is now circling the Internet. If the document is real, perhaps its just a sign that the FBI had some Intel on the attacks, but hadn’t pinned down when or where or who. Anyway, if they were involved, then why would they advertise their own terror attack!? It makes no sense. Then again this is all presuming that this ‘warning’ was actually real, and not doctored by some unknown conspiracy fiend.

But why? Why, if this conspiracy is true, would any of this happen? Because they wan’t to take your guns away, that’s why. The United States have signed the United Nations Small Arms Resolution, and this pre-planned, Government backed terror attack is a means to justify the banning of weapons in the United States. Well, that is a neat little idea, if it wasn’t completely unrelated to anything that happened in Aurora that night. The UN’s Small Arms Resolution deals with war torn, poverty stricken countries, dictatorships etc, and the trafficking of such firearms to and from these countries. It has nothing to do with gun laws in the United States whatsoever. Alan Jones, disinformation extraordinaire, is championing this idea, which, in reality, should really make the notion seem more unrealistic.

The sad, awful truth in all this is that James Holmes, a geeky, unpopular loner, wanted the world to know his name. Even in infamy, he was tired of being a nobody, shunned and unwanted by a society that is harsh at the best of times. So he took extreme measures and reigned terror on Aurora that night. When you see the pictures of Holmes sitting in court, wide eyed, staring blankly, almost without remorse, it is not that he is still reeling in the grips of mind control. His seeming sedation comes from the constant loop of horror he is replaying in his head.


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