I would like to take this moment to point out that in the last three days since we posted our piece on The Return of the Kentucky Goblins, we have received no less than three dozen requests to join the ALIEN CAVE BASE TASK FORCE, a gang that started very much as a message board joke. The cross-section of the applicants include everyone from adventurous readers, to gun nuts, to urban explorers, to paranormal investigators, and on and on. There was even a wizard/warlock who offered their services should we need magickal protection on our descent into an abandoned mine shaft supposedly filled with dog-snatching cave aliens. There have been so many emails about joining the force that I can’t keep up with them all.

So in case I haven’t gotten back to you yet, yes, you can be a member of the ACBTF. In fact, if you will it, so be it. There. You’re in. Easy as that. Yes, we are 100% serious about traveling down to rural Kentucky to scope out these strange events, should everything pan out. Will it? Who knows. Maybe we’ll go regardless. There’s got to be more than just extraterrestrials running around down there, and it would pretty damn fun to meet up with with some of you guys and chase monsters. Give us some time to figure it out, and hoax or no hoax, we’ll go on an adventure.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, there was one other request that started piling up in my inbox – the desire for ALIEN CAVE BASE TASK FORCE t-shirts. Well, who am I to deny the creation of a kick-ass piece of combat gear? Besides, I really wanted one myself.


Based on the graphic that was humorously slapped together after “David’s” first email, the shirts sport a nice huge ACBTF logo on the front, and the words ALIEN CAVE BASE TASK FORCE in nice big letters on the back. As if the design wasn’t cool enough as it is, the whole thing glows in the friggin’ dark. Oh, and if you’re wondering what “mortem in obscurum” means, it’s Latin for “death in the dark”. It sounded appropriate considering all the nervous jokes about dying in a mine shaft collapse.

If you want one, they’re available in the WF Swag Depot as of right now, a steal at $14.99. We’ve also added a version without the words on the back for $11.99, should you want to remain a secret agent. If you snag one, be sure to snap a picture of yourself wearing it and send it our way so we can post it. And don’t worry, you don’t need a shirt to be in the Task Force, they’re entirely optional.

We’ll have more on that trip to Kentucky soon and continue to keep you posted on all things goblin as they creep up. In the meantime, keep your dogs locked up and enjoy the shirt!


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