Small City Invaded by Feathered Fans of Hitchcock

Small City Invaded by Feathered Fans of Hitchcock

Until recently, the strange claim to fame for La Grange, Kentucky, was having railroad tracks running through the pavement of downtown making freight trains mingle with rush hour traffic. But for the past three months, the city has turned into a scene straight out of The Birds. Thousands of blackbirds descend upon three miles of woodland near La Grange on a nightly basis for no known reason. Toward dawn, the thick fog of birds lifts and flies away. No one has been pecked to death by a murder of crows (or, more properly starlings, as suggested by wildlife experts) yet, but some locals have taken to carrying umbrellas even on sunny days… just to avoid being buried alive in bird poop.

Aside from dodging these bird bombs – and cleaning cars a whole lot more often – some of the 8,082 residents have blamed the birds for a mysterious outbreak of respiratory problems, though there hasn’t been any concrete evidence connecting the two. Try as they might, the birds can’t seem to be scared away by loud noises or other deterrents. When the thick black cloud of pooping mystery will be over is anyone’s guess.

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