The Eternal Hell of America's Haunted McDonald's Restaurants

The Eternal Hell of America’s Haunted McDonald’s Restaurants

We’re all familiar with the clichés surrounding a good ghost story; dark and stormy nights, big old mansions, abandoned mental institutions, and the creaky old house on the edge of town. The key to a great legend about local ghosts is just as much hinged on ambiance as it is on mysterious circumstances.

But what happens to the poor souls who’ve died in less than places where the only thing scary is the calorie count?  Are you doomed to spend eternity hanging out next to the grease trap under your local Golden Arches? If the following stories are to be believed, it would appear so.

Read on for some of the most noteworthy hauntings from McDonald’s around the globe:

McGhost Adventures

The ghost of William Morgan, dead since 1826, was rattling it’s chains in a former McDonald’s franchise in Lewistown, NY in the mid 1970’s. The historic Frontier House is one of the oldest structures in the area and is on the National Historic Register. Someone stuck a McDonald’s restaurant in it at some point (as you do).


William Morgan died under mysterious circumstances after crossing the local Freemasons and building in question just so happened to be a Masonic temple at the time of Morgan’s death. The apparition of a pasty-white old man “in period clothing” appeared before several staff members and workmen on different occasions, then faded away. It’s usual spot to appear and horrify was in a storage pantry/closet.

The apparition of a little girl haunts the men’s and ladies restrooms of the Idabel, Oklahoma McDonald’s, and has been antagonizing various staff members for several years. One cleaning woman heard giggling after the restaurant was locked up at night and was so disturbed that she quit. After seeing a small girl go into the men’s room, two maintenance men followed her in to direct her to the other bathroom, but she was nowhere to be found. As they entered the men’s room, all of the ladies’ room toilets flushed themselves at once.

In Cuero, TX, the Golden Arches at Victoria Highway and Esplanade have similar toilet flushing phantoms, and the walk in cooler in the kitchen have been switched off from the inside “several times” while the location was locked up at night. Local residents Ida Klinke and Linda Bluntzner reported that the location was formerly a gas station at which a child was tragically run over and killed there, and a mechanic was crushed under the car lift mechanism.

Imagine having to spend your afterlife in here.

Windsor, Quebec: After a regular customer came in and keeled over dead of a heart attack, secret sauce still dripping off his chin, the employees of this McDonalds started hearing the noises of footsteps and keys jingling when no one else is around.

The Rockrimmin neighborhood of Colorado Springs has a McDonald’s where a “dour looking” and “transparent” Native American man has been seen in the kitchen. The employees of this McDonalds started hearing the noises of footsteps and keys jingling when no one else is around.

Phantom screams are heard by kitchen staff, and in the bathrooms the sound of running water is heard while the sinks are all turned off. Local folklore, though unsupported by any archaological evidence, states that the suburban restaurant is built on an ancient burial mound.

In Clifton Hill, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, the second floor of the McDonalds is haunted by a female apparition in a nightie.

A McDonald’s of undisclosed location in Hawaii boasts a “pervert little boy ghost” who, prior to tragically drowning, would get caught peeping in the ladies’ room by staff. In the afterlife he makes spectral appearances, occasionally shouting “I see you!”, or “panties!” at unsuspecting female customers.


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