Strange Object Falls From Sky, Explodes

Strange Object Falls From Sky, Explodes

Military officer Gabriel Muthike Nyaga holds the unidentified object that fell from the Kenyan sky last Saturday

Last Saturday morning, in a Kenyan village of the Thika District, something strange fell from the sky.

As the object sped towards a farm, it let off a loud explosion, a sound that could be heard up to 5 kilometers away, prompting the locals to gather around the impact site.

The strange item was described as smooth and black, with cracks believed to have occurred on impact. From the image provided by the military, the item looks almost like an eroded brick, though more rusty than black.

“We hard a loud sound before the object fell in the farm. Some of the villagers touched the object while others kept off,” an eyewitness told The Standard.


The commotion attracted the interest of the local military, who arrived shortly after the impact to whisk the object away, only telling the villagers that if they touched the item, they should wash their hands.

Is it a meteor? The remains of an explosive? Lost airline cargo? Kryptonite?

Well, so far, neither the bomb squad nor the meteorological department have figured just what the mysterious object is. Any ideas?


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