A Gory Fortean Mystery: Bloody Red Rain Descends on India

A Gory Fortean Mystery: Bloody Red Rain Descends on India

Over the course of two months in 2001, the people of Kerala, India were baffled by the reoccurring appearance of red rain falling from the sky. Initially the mysterious rain was blamed on a volcanic eruption, but when physicist Godfrey Louis investigated the substance further what he discovered baffled even himself.

Astonishingly, it appeared the cause of the rains mysterious color was due to the fact that it contained biological cells. Louis published his initial research in 2006 in the journal, Astrophysics and Space, saying that he believed the origins of the rain to have been the result of a “…comet [which] brought the cells to our solar system from the depths of space, and fragments had descended into Earth’s atmosphere as meteorites.”

Even more shocking are his recent research discoveries into the red rain of Kerala. During an experiment, Louis discovered that when the cells were heated to 121 degrees Celsius, “..daughter cells appear within the original mother cells and the number of cells in the samples increases with the length of exposure to 121 degrees Celsius.”


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Source: Dateline Zero


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