Saskatchewan Sasquatch?

Saskatchewan Sasquatch?

Here’s an interesting video from Facebook’s ‘Bigfoot Believers’ Only group. The caveat being the use of ‘believer’. I’ve gone ahead and linked a few seconds before the action begins.

Biggest issue is you can’t see the creature’s legs. Examining the gait one way to figure out if this is compelling evidence for the North American Woodape. Later in the video, the creature’s arm is visible pushing brush aside from its path.

Another notch on the video’s belt is a distinct lack of “OMG it’s Bigfoot” and “Jesus Christ, what is it!?” commentary.


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Chris Savia
Contributor at Week In Weird, in addition to being a member of The Anomalist's crack team of news editors and their social media maven. Chris lives near the Pine Barrens with his wife, six cats, and the Jersey Devil.
Chris Savia
Chris Savia

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Chris it sways from side t’side like Rickets’ve given it wishbone legs an’ the only relief it can get’s t’allow its testicles t’rhythmic’ly clack t’gether.

If it’s a male fair enough but if it’s Patty…

*falls t’knees an’ shakes fist*

“…Damn You Monsanto!”

Clearly he’s stomping grapes to make wine.

Man, I’m not believing anything squatchy these days unless it’s a full-on video or a corpse. It looks good, but it’s waaaaaaaay too little evidence for my liking.

Okay, I need to get something off of my chest that’s been bugging me for a long time now. We see these videos pop up every once in a while. Do you know what they all have in common? They are all video taken during the day. Now, I’m no expert, but I did take some primatology classes in college. Most primates are diurnal, meaning they aren’t nocturnal. They are awake and active during the day. All great apes are diurnal. So, why on all those crappy bigfoot hunting shows are the “hunters” looking at night with night-vision glasses for… Read more »

so then patti, the freeman footage taken during the day makes you wonder now, ho believable they are. never agreed with the eye shine thing what does Meldrum say about this daylight oppossed to night time