Fort Report: Kid Ghosts, Flying Sharks, and Dream Incubators

Fort Report: Kid Ghosts, Flying Sharks, and Dream Incubators


Greetings, weirdos!

Welcome back to another edition of the Fort Report, even if it is a week late (I’ll get to that). To make up for it, I’ve jam packed this edition with weird stories of dream incubation, alien intervention, magic lamps, flying sharks, creepy child ghosts, and more!

Read on, oddnauts, and mark your calendars for next Friday’s launch of The Week in Weird!


Does this mysterious Hebrew stone reveal a messiah BEFORE Jesus?

An ancient stone with mysterious Hebrew writing and featuring the archangel Gabriel is going on display in Jerusalem amid an ongoing row over whether it predicts a messiah before Jesus.

Reclaiming Shamanic Dreaming from the Roots of Western Culture

Reality Sandwich brings us a look at the modern day version of ‘dream incubation’, or as we know it: lucid dreaming.

‘Aliens’ Messed with US, Soviet Nukes – US Airmen

Four retired Air Force officers told a panel of six former members of the US Congress at the conference about their experiences with extraterrestrial “visitors” who meddled with US nuclear weapons systems.

Delaware couple reports odd behavior as UFO hovers over home

A woman reports a strange object creeping over their home, and thinks it may have been affecting her completely disinterested husband.

Has the internet killed the Loch Ness monster?

Reported sightings of a big beast used to fill us with wonder but now, thanks to YouTube, we’re attuned to duplicity.

Public Health Ministry warns public against ‘magic lamp’ hoax

The Public Health Ministry has come out to warn the public about a hoax that involves a so-called ‘magic lamp’, which claims to be a miracle cure for terminal cancer patients.

Ghostbusters off to flush out store’s uninvited guests

Skeptical storeowners in New Zealand are afraid of ghosts, so they call in some paranormal investigators and psychics to chase them off and bless the business. Seems a riff on the old “no atheists in foxholes” saying. No skeptics in haunted houses?

Ghost hunters investigate historic home in St. Albans

Jason Mode, 29, invited the Paranormal Investigators of New England into his childhood home to verify an apparition of a young girl who has been seen in the home for the past 21 years.

Martian Bigfoot joins NRA

Matthew Pate takes a look at our obsession with conspiracies, particularly the fairy nasty ones that have cropped up during Sandy Hook and Boston via creeps like Alex Jones.

Chilean cult leader accused of burning baby alive found hanged in Peru

Cops say the body of Ramon Gustavo Castillo Gaete was discovered in an abandoned property in Cuzco, Peru. It’s unclear if he committed suicide or was killed. Good riddance.

Is a flying shark the UFO that almost collided with a plane?

Last week a few pilots reported narrowly missing an unidentified object that was bigger than a balloon and was “blue and yellow (or silver) in colour with a small frontal area.” Turns out.. it could have been a shark. Wait.. what?

Ghanaians ban ‘spirit child’ killing

Local leaders in northern Ghana have announced the abolition of the ritual killing of babies born with physical disabilities, who were believed to have been possessed by evil spirits.

The Week In Weird: A New WF Video Feature!

You asked for a podcast, but that would be a waste of our good looks, so starting next Friday you can look forward to a weekly video series here on Who Forted. What’s it all about? Weird stuff, naturally. Mark your calendars!



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