Looking for a Deal? Haunted Houses in Hong Kong Sell for 30% Less

Looking for a Deal? Haunted Houses in Hong Kong Sell for 30% Less


If you’re in the market for a new house look no further than China! The Hong Kong house market is looking to cut you an amazing deal, that is as long as you don’t mind sharing your living space with a ghost.

Hong Kong is home the largest housing market in the world and thanks to a handy haunted house database, you could end up reducing the cost of a potential new home from 10 to 30 percent.

A Hongza house, which translates into ‘calamity house’ can lose its value over night if listed on the Hongza database, it has even been known to affect the value of neighboring homes. Apartment buildings and condo costs have even been known to drop in value even if separate units are not listed on the Hongza House list.


It’s estimated that millions of dollars are being lost every year in property sales, though there is little home owners and real estate agents can do to remove their homes from a Hongza list once it has been added. This, of course, hasn’t stopped some homeowners from attempting to legally remove their properties from lists.

“If an estate agent acting for a purchaser knows, or ought to have known of the occurrence of a tragic incident in a property, and knew or ought reasonably to have known that this would materially affect the value of the property, that agent would owe a duty to alert its client to that fact,” said Judge Benjamin Yu regarding a Hongza list lawsuit.

If you’re looking to purchase a list of your very own hk-compass.com will sell you an up-to-date guide for 40 bucks a pop. Not bad considering the savings.

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