Man Attempting Internet Luck Ritual, Buries Himself, Ends Up Dying

Man Attempting Internet Luck Ritual, Buries Himself, Ends Up Dying

A Russian man inadvertently killed himself while attempting an internet luck ritual.

A 35 year old Russian man, in an effort to trigger a lifelong string of good luck, convinced his friend to bury him underground for an evening, in a recreation of a ritual he’d seen on the internet.

The man, who’s name has so far not been released, dug out a hole in his friends garden big enough for his makeshift coffin, rigged air pipes for breathing, and had his friend bury him with only a bottle of water and a cell phone.

The victim had been imitating a bizarre internet trend rumored to bring about good luck, investigators said. Several Russian bloggers have reportedly written about their own successful attempts at the overnight burial, prompting the desperate and the curious to follow suit. One newspaper, the Rossiiskaya Gazeta, even ran a full piece on the practice.

Despite only being buried under eight inches of dirt, the victim’s friend arrived the next morning to find the very unlucky man dead.


Investigators told reporters that the previous night’s heavy rainfall likely clogged the improvised air holes, suffocating him.

For more info, visit BBC News.


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